An Intro To Choc Soldier Salute

The chocolate soldiers have played a huge part in my upbringing. I was born in ’91 – the year Penrith took out their very first premiership. I’ve followed this team through thick and thin. I’ve seen them finish at the bottom, I’ve seen them finish on top. I’ve seen great players come, I’ve seen great players go. I’ve seen teams develop, I’ve seen teams fall apart. I’ve seen some big wins, and I’ve seen plenty of big losses. I’ve seen it all from the same seat in the western stand for over 21 years.

I’m going to work hard on this site to expose like-minded Panther fans to the kind of coverage they deserve. I’ll break down the players, the games and everything in between to the best of my knowledge and I look forward to discussing it all with one of the greatest communities in rugby league.